Do you want to know the current state of your roof? Whatever your reason for needing a roof inspection and report, we can help at The Roof Hub. Our team has extensive experience and a proven track record in Auckland’s roofing industry, especially in relation to long run metal roofs on commercial properties. We have inspected and worked on roofs in just about any condition you can imagine, and we are familiar with all the main issues that can occur on long run roofs, as well as those issues that are not so common.

When you hire us, we’ll assign an experienced and qualified roofing professional to complete the inspection of your roof. All health and safety regulations and best practices will be followed during the inspection as we get a detailed understanding of the condition of your roof.

Once the inspection is complete, we’ll prepare a report that will explain the state of your current roof and any repair or maintenance work that is required. We’ll also provide you with recommendations and cost estimates. To learn more and get a quote for a roof inspection and report, please get in touch.